Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hand Knitting


Her left hand sits sideways

Like a ladder, climbing to the sky

Each finger a rung held together

by ropes of yarn.

Her right hand climbs,

Unreeling the skein and winding it

around each finger, looping over and under

And over, until every finger is bound

To the next, unable to move.

Then the right hand

climbs to the top of the fingers,

perches precariously and begins to work,

lifting the loop of yarn and tossing it

over the top of the finger, like Peter

Lowering the rope over the Wolf’s head,

Catching him fast

In a net.

As she knits, the back of her hand

Flips over to show the growing rope,

Not  a net, but a ladder of lovely links,

Each rung helping her

Climb to the stars.